NNeng--Showz Archive 1999 [in reverse order]

December 10th-17th, 1999 [call for time and price]
Continuous Screening on 13 inches
Micro Museum
123 Smith Street
Brooklyn, New York 11231
info: 718.797.3116

""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" NNeng NORTHEAST MINI-TOUR! Sunday...November 14, 1999 @8 pm (***NEW DATE!***) with Mark Marinoff & 99 Hooker (saxes) Stoneridge Center for the Arts 3588 Main Street Stoneridge, NY 12484 $7 info: 914.687.8890 Saturday...November 13, 1999 @8 pm with Zipper Spy & W2 VOIX ARTS EXPLORatorium 564 Dutton St. 3rd Flr. Lowell MA 018753 $10 info: 978-458-VOIX CANCELLED Due to unavoidable problems at VOIX, this show has been cancelled. Sorry, Lowell! Saturday...November 6, 1999 @8pm @ Cornershop 82 Lafayette Avenue Buffalo, NY $3 info: 716.884.8330


Living Arts in Tulsa
New Genres Festival

Sunday...October 3, 1999 @2 pm
Patti Johnson Wilson Auditorium, 2727 S. Rockford Ave. 
$5 or Festival Pass.  

A screening of contemporary video works including NNeng's "Combustion", a realtime improvisation with David Jones' analog audio/video synthesis instruments recorded at the Experimental Television Center. "Combustion" is from NNeng's forthcoming videotape of mindwarping A/V abstractions, "The Vertical Highway".


NNeng [discrete] at Unity Gain

Wednesday...September 29, 1999 @10 pm- 3 am
@ Galapagos
70 North 6th Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211
info: 212.529.2306

Brian, Nancy and Benton "solo" together in the Unity Gain live A/V cycles. Benton and Nancy will each concoct a live video stream in a diptych projection throughout the evening, coinciding with Brian for two 15 minute psuedo-NNeng stereo A/V jams.

NNeng with Molly Kittle (movement)
June 10, 1999 @8 pm
@ Tonic
107 Norfolk Street
New York City
info: 212.358.7504

LiveCinema, LiveMusic, LiveDance, LiveFun. New streams of Performed A/V including a live video jam with movement from Molly.

Electroglide Live
April 30, 1999 @10 pm
@ Baktun
418 West 14 Street
New York City

NNeng joinz <o> blaat, Volcano, Shopworker Jeff, Toshio Kajiwara and others in an evening of sightz, soundz and webcasting.

April 21, 1999 @10 pm
@ Baby Jupiter
170 Orchard Street
New York City

A spring blast from NNeng: organics meets analog synthesis of sight and sound.

NNeng/Blue Whale/Blinder
March 29, 1999 @8 pm
@ Knitting Factory, main stage
74 Leonard Street
New York City

NNeng returns with some new toys, including an analog video oscillator 'synth'. Plus prolonged camera stares at objets trouvees until they melt before your eyes.