The Cherry Orchard

Anton Chekhov
Adapted by Alex Roe

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A nun (13347 bytes)

And Varya is still the same--she looks just like a nun.

  • Where: Westside Repertory Theatre (NYC);
    Theatre L'Atalante (Paris, France)
  • When: Jan/Feb, 1999;
    Nov. 1999
  • Who: Westside Repertory Theatre;
    Alex Roe and Millennium Stage
  • Anton Chekhov's masterpiece The Cherry Orchard, was originally presented in the last season of The Westside Repertory Theatre, and then found new life--in Paris.

    Invited to the Second International Russian Theatre Festival, Alex and Millennium Stage brought the slightly re-vamped production to the theatre Atalante in Paris, France.

    This production of Anton Chekhov’s last play stands was a powerfully comic and moving event--achingly poignant, bruisingly funny, gently uplifting and profoundly knowing.

    Follow the links below to the learn more about the cast and read a diary of the trip, kept and upkept while we were away.

    And give special thanks to Aharon Rabinowitz, whose help mounting the webpage for the trip is the father of this all!

    Players | Supporters | Diary

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