So, reviews are hard to come by.

But here are a few on the web, and a few quotes from a few not on the web.

See for yourself.

Online Reviews:

The Way of the World

The Country Wife

The Cherry Orchard

The Pirates of Penzance

An Enemy of the People

The critics say:

The Way of the World (Winner: 1997 off-off-broadway review Award)

"showed that Off-Off-Broadway at its best can compete with Off-Broadway and Broadway . . . . Director Roe had a sure grasp of the production throughout [and] moved it along at a spanking trot"

      --Dudley Stone for the off-off-broadway review

An Enemy of the People

"[a] commendable production . . . . beautifully developed"

    --Clark Gesner for the Brooklyn Phoenix

"Roe has captured all of Ibsen’s humor and irony, and made the most of it . . . . [the] production succeeds precisely because it embraces all of Ibsen’s complexity"

    --Paulanne Simmons for The Brooklyn Papers

"tore into Stockmann with the white-hot energy of a self-righteous pit bull. Charming, intelligent, and totally exaperating . . . . [a]fiery presense at it’s center"

   --Doug DeVita for the off-off-broadway review

The Cherry Orchard

"A delightful evening . . . . it was impossible not to become immediately absorbed in Chekhov’s world."

    -- Julie Halpern for the off-off-broadway review


"unrelentingly evil . . . . very satisfying"

    --D. J. R. Bruckner for The New York Time

"does it perfectly"

    --Travis Baker for Show Business

Oedipus Rex

"mesmerizing . . . . achieved a remarkable innovation"

    --Dean Goodman for Hollywood Dramalogue

Oedipus at Colonus

"moody, and energetic . . . . tight and exciting"

    --Claudia Terry for Hi! Drama

Hotel Europa

"a little gem of a play . . . a zany, iconoclastic farce reminiscent of the satiric plays by Joe Orton [in which] Alex Roe . . . has milked the manic energy and borderline hysteria from every line"

    --Roberta Floden for Marin Messenger